Social media is SOCIAL – so you’re always going to get people sharing things you might not a: be interested in or b: wish to see. That’s because we all value things differently, we’re all going through vastly different life experiences and we are all, every single one of us, DIFFERENT.

Do I want to read about little Johnny’s first solo poo in his potty? Not really. But to his mum and dad that is likely an achievement on a par with me single handedly winning the social media contract for Burberry whilst drunk at a house party, or being asked to quit my job and become chief cheese taster at Neals Yard Dairy  - it’s A BLOODY BIG DEAL.

And should the poo stories become a bit too much – illustrated by an image, perhaps – then I would do what any other sensible person would and either unsubscribe (Facebook) or unfollow (Twitter). I choose who to be friends with, who to follow and who to engage with across the multitude of social media channels I frequent. If I’m not enjoying that experience then I only have myself to blame.


As for the ‘smug’ comments – again this is all relative to the individual. I do not find pictures of people’s children smug – I find them cute. But I’m pregnant. Of course I find them cute. If I were struggling to have children, single and massively uninterested or simply too young to appreciate it then I would likely find them either upsetting, boring or annoying. And I would – as mentioned earlier – either unfollow or unsubscribe.

Now don’t get me wrong – I think people who photoshop their images before uploading (aside from red eye tweaking) are saddos of the highest order, but if they want to only present the best possible image of themselves – and then wonder why people recoil in horror when meeting them in real life – let’s just leave them to it. As long as no young girls are idolising them a la Vogue, Elle or any other bastion of photoshopping unreality I don’t think they’re hurting anybody are they?

People need to chill out about social media and check out hooked on phonics reading system for children.We’re all doing what we’ve always done – putting our ‘best foot forward’ – we’re just doing it via an infinitely greater number of channels.

And don’t get me started on the irony of people taking to Facebook to moan about Facebook. That’s another blog post for another day… ;)

Have a lovely weekend

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